ZPUE S.A. is a Polish power engineering company with an international reach. For 35 years, it has been manufacturing switchgear and transformer stations and developing new technologies in the area of green transformation: energy storage and fast charging stations for electric vehicles.
Staying ahead of the current challenges in the electric power industry, for a decade now qualified specialists have been designing large-scale energy storage for individual orders from industry, business or the public sphere ZPUE S.A.’s offer for the growing e-mobility market includes both single EV-C fast charging stations of up to 300 kW, as well as developed projects to connect them into a HUB.

The company is creating new solutions to serve RES. Changes and developments in this area concern transformer stations, which are adapted to other components of photovoltaic installations. There are more and more large-scale projects on offer. Of particular interest are stations designed for metal-enclosed PV, meeting the requirement
of sustainable development. They are placed under the structures on which photovoltaic panels are mounted on PV farms.

Each of these small substations has a 1MW transformer inside, simplified MV and LV switchgear, and the whole structure stands on a concrete foundation. It has the advantage of compact metal construction, low height and low weight. It does not require multi-stage transportation, complicated unloading or building a special access road. It allows faster installation of the station at the destination. ZPUE's offer also includes stations in concrete enclosures with the possibility of installing transformers of 6.5MVA power and built-in MV switchgears of Rotoblok or TPM type and LV switchgears of RN-W or ZR-W type. All of them of our own manufacture.
Growing demand for electricity, but also increasing environmental awareness, make renewable energy, especially that derived from wind power, one of the most rapidly developing power industries in the world in recent years. ZPUE S.A. also offers solutions for wind power: reactive power compensation stations, complete Main Receiving Points or stands for power transformers up to 63MVA.


Concluzie in-depth expertise


The source of this Polish company’s success is its in-depth expertise, mutual understanding and partnership, which allow it to think and act outside the box.


In the field of electrical power engineering, the ZPUE S.A. team offers “tailor-made” solutions adapted to the needs of customers. Authenticity, flexibility, precision and innovative thinking make it possible to guarantee everyone the feeling that they are understood and cared for properly.

Combining these aspects with a broad and comprehensive offer, can only bring mutual benefits.