SPONSOR Sunerg Solar Energy


Sunerg solar is a leading Italian manufacturer of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems located in Città di Castello, Perugia.
Sunerg Solar energy’s mission in to provide high quality in the green energy culture, that can offer different solutions for any type of system according to customer needs
In a constantly evolving sector, Sunerg has the opportunity to carve out a good slice of the market by offering products with different technologies and solutions at 360° High quality, reliability and warranty are the characteristics that distinguish Sunerg products.

Sunerg is committed to reaching perfection and improving itself every day; only in this way it does guarantee quality at every level of the production process and at all stages of manufacturing, by scrupulously quality testing so that we can give you the excellence encapsulated in a product.
With more than 40 years of experience in solar energy, Sunerg has already manufactured and sold more than 3 million of photovoltaic modules and more than 900K m² oh thermal panels.