SPONSOR Nova Power & Gas


a company with 100% Romanian capital, is part of E-INFRA group, along with Electrogrup, Direct One, Netcity and WESEE. We have joined the electricity and natural gas supply market in 2007, in Cluj-Napoca and since then we provide electricity and natural gas services, today being one of the most appreciated suppliers in the market.
With over 17 years of experience in the electricity and gas market, Nova Power & Gas meets consumers’ needs through an integrated service offer, while focusing on consumption and costs efficiency.
We contribute to the sustainable development of Romania’s energy modern infrastructure by continuous investments in our own electricity production capacities and natural gas distribution infrastructure.
Nova Power & Gas demonstrates that through determination, transparency and agility, an entrepreneurial company can become an important player in the energy market and successfully provides electricity and natural gas services in all corners of the country, to thousands of industrial and household customers.

217 Calea Turzii, Cluj – Napoca