Energy5 is a pioneer among PV system manufacturers, which thanks to its innovative design approach and durability of solutions has gained the trust of customers. Energy5 constructions are the only ones on the market that have the National Technical Assessment. 2 plants equipped with 7 production lines enable full individualization of orders. The production is based on black steel covered with a metallic coating, ensuring protection even in aggressive environmental conditions with a corrosion class of C5. We have designed and manufactured systems for modules with a capacity of 4.5 GW, and the annual production capacity is even 1.3 GW!

Energy5 is the first and only manufacturer of photovoltaic structures who put into the market a range of products with the Polish Technical Approval (KOT). The document authorises the company to draw up the national performance declaration and to mark the product with the construction mark B. This way, recipients of structures are provided a safety guarantee and confirmation of the most advanced solutions exceeding solutions applied previously under harmonized standard PN-EN 1090-1. The guarantee for a minimum period of 10 years, granted to all systems for installation of photovoltaic modules, confirms that we meet the highest standards of quality.


SPONSOR Modern machine pool


Energy5 has its own fully automated machine pool consisting of 7 production lines from renowned suppliers.  Two production facilities, in Gostynin and Brześć Kujawski, ensure efficient performance of orders. Its extensive manufacturing facilities also support our great flexibility, allowing it to perform even the most demanding orders and making Energy5 a leader managing an investment process from a design to a final assembly.

Photovoltaic tracker Novelties


Novelty in the Energy5 offer is another variant of the photovoltaic tracker. It is a system that follows the sun, designed for the construction of large-scale solar power plants, which allows the assembly of modules in one row with a maximum length of 98 meters! The tracker’s operating modes ensure that the system is perfectly adapted to changing weather conditions, such as strong wind or heavy snowfall. The structure has been designed with the idea of ​​mounting bifacial modules. Tracker PV is a maintenance-free system, and its software allows you to monitor the installation 24/7/365. An additional advantage of the photovoltaic tracker is the backtracking function, which minimizes the shading of successive rows. The design allows you to increase electricity yields by up to 30%!

AERO S / EW – increased height

Aerodynamic systems on a support of the increased height allow to maintain a 10-centimetre distance between the module frame and the roof surface. The systems include individually designed AERO profiles. Special connections in profile joints enable adjusting rotation to ensure precise adhering to the module surface. New profiles enable development of systems in many configurations, which are suitable for ll modules currently available in the Polish market. The systems of the increased height for a flat roof ensure better air circulation and protection of cables, thus guaranteeing that fireprevention conditions of module manufactures are met. The systems provide for a safe installation of large modules, along their long or short side alike