Chorus is the biggest distributor in Romania providing complete electrical solutions for energy and automation technologies, with a vast experience in the field and with generous intentions for a green future.

We are consistent with our objectives: keeping the customer satisfied, the continuing education and the passionate teamwork will bring the change. These principles lay at the basis of our collaboration offer.

The benefits of our collaboration:

  • technical consulting in selecting the electrical equipment;
  • design services in the electrical field at any installed capacity and at any voltage level;
  • manufacturing and commissioning of any type of electrical systems;
  • service and maintenance for the electrical installations;
  • application software development;
  • automations with PLCs, intelligent relays, DSPs. etc.;
  • efficient solutions for the optimization of the electrical energy consumption, as the saved energy is the cheapest energy;
  • delivery of equipment.

The partnership between Sungrow and CHORUS: A collaboration for a greener world

Sungrow, the leading global manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters, and CHORUS, the largest distributor of electrical equipment in Romania, have joined forces to accelerate the country's transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy.



Collaboration for a greener world: Successful collaboration for a greener world:


Combined Experience: Sungrow and CHORUS combine their vast experience in solar energy to provide high quality and efficient PV solutions.

Innovation: Both companies are dedicated to continuous innovation in the field of solar energy to provide customers with the most advanced solutions.

Sustainability: Sungrow and CHORUS are committed to contributing to a greener world by promoting solar energy as a clean and renewable energy source.

Benefits for You:

Easier access to high-quality inverters: CHORUS is expanding its distribution network to make Sungrow inverters more accessible to customers across the country.

Expert Guidance: CHORUS will provide its customers with expert technical support and training to facilitate the installation and use of Sungrow inverters.

Tailored Solutions: CHORUS will provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.

The partnership between Sungrow and CHORUS is an important collaboration that will significantly contribute to accelerating Romania’s transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy. Both companies are dedicated to innovation and excellence, providing customers with high-quality and efficient photovoltaic solutions.