Health & Safety

FIRST AID: First Aid will be available onsite at the San Diego Convention Center.

SURVEILLANCE: If you see something, say something. Thefts or suspicious activity should be immediately reported to Show Management at the Customer Service Desk located in Registration.

IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY: Report the emergency by immediately by calling 911 from your phone.

IN CASE OF EVACUATION: Follow the instructions given over the public address system and by uniformed security personnel. Walk, do not run, and use evacuation routes to reach emergency exits. Do not use elevators.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY IN THE CITY: Be vigilant about your surroundings while in the city. Call 911 if needed for police, fire department and ambulance. Report any incident to show management at Registration Desk.

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Romanian Green PPA

Prima conferință de business regională dedicată energiei regenerabile care facilitează întâlnirile între dezvoltatori, investitori, producători, furnizori, traderi de energie și consumatori finali.

Ediția următoare: 15 Februarie 2024

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