SPONSOR About Restart Energy


Restart Energy is the largest independent supplier of electricity to households and SMEs in Romania and one of the major regional players with subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Spain and Serbia. 

Restart Energy's mission is to provide customers with the most enjoyable 100% green energy delivery experience in an innovative digital concept that empowers the end customer to become not only a consumer but also a producer of energy.

Restart Energy currently delivers over 500 GWh of electricity to over 50,000 customers - individuals and businesses. 

The Restart Energy team has a rich expertise in the development of photovoltaic projects, having developed over 500 MW, including the largest photovoltaic park in Romania.

In 2020, Restart Energy achieved the Guinness World Record for the longest journey in an electric car in Romania with the Electric Tour project.

In January 2021, Restart Energy signed a partnership with US fund Interlink Capital Strategies of Washington DC to finance the development of 500 MW of renewable projects in Romania by 2025 to supply locally produced green 100% energy to all end customers.

In September 2021, after 4 years of development, Restart Energy launched another globally unique project, a platform based on proprietary technology for blockchain certification of both carbon footprint and carbon dioxide avoided from being released into the atmosphere, as well as direct trading between participants of environmental attributes and renewable energy RED Platform (www.redplatform.com). 

Through this project, Restart Energy aims to democratize access to cheap and green energy through transparent access to renewable energy directly from producers to end consumers in its portfolio.


FUTURE PLANS Restart Solar Business 2 Business Solution


To meet the needs of business customers who want to reduce their electricity costs by up to 75% and become sustainable, we have created the "Restart Solar" solution.

Restart Solar is an all-inclusive solution to reduce electricity costs by up to 75% by installing photovoltaic panels on the roof or on the ground to partially cover your own energy consumption. Our solution is a complete package of services for the design, installation and operation of the installation, including access to customised financing solutions, so customers have no hassle.

Restart Energy provides free consultancy to clients for solar potential analysis, prepares offers including financing solutions, takes care of design, approval, delivery and installation of equipment as well as operation and maintenance of the solar power plant.