Renovatio Solar is a leading Romanian company in the field of photovoltaic energy solutions and green technology. The company offers customized services, from consulting and design to implementation and maintenance, for both commercial and industrial buildings with capacities between 50 - 5000kWp and large PV parks with capacities between 5-100MWp.

Renovatio Solar manages generation capacity in its own portfolio and that of its customers through projects in Romania and abroad, with a total installed capacity of over 350 MW. The company is recognized for the quality of its products and services as well as its commitment to environmental protection.

Renovatio Solar is part of a complete eco-system, Renovatio, a pioneer in the renewable energy industry in Romania, with extensive experience in development, EPC, generation, trading, supply and asset management in renewable energy, making it a reliable player in the energy market in Romania and beyond.

With over 10 years of experience in providing quality renewable energy assets in accordance with international standards, Renovatio Solar's goal is to create and strengthen a sustainable business environment that delivers operational excellence and performance in the energy sector.





Today's investments are a vector for a cleaner future; therefore, Renovatio Solar is committed to continued investment in renewables and continues to pursue innovation in clean technologies.

The company has a clear and ambitious vision for the future, focusing on the development, installation and maintenance of solar energy systems with the aim of reducing dependence on traditional energy sources and improving environmental sustainability. Renovatio Solar's future plans are bold and based on a strategic approach to transforming the solar energy industry and providing innovative solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs while built to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Renovatio Solar's largest project for 2023 is the construction of a large-scale photovoltaic park with a total capacity of 50MW. So far, more than 17800 photovoltaic panels with an output of 11.7MW have been installed. This project is one of the largest solar projects in the country and will bring significant benefits to the community and the environment.