Your Trusted Partner in Sustainability, Power and Automation

ENEVO Group, an engineering company with Romanian 100% capital, was founded in 2014, with ambitious objectives in the energy segment, with focus on: Protection and Control Systems, SCADA and DCS systems for power generation, transmission and distribution, respectively Industrial Automation.

The years of activity concentrate more than 70% of business in international projects outside Romania, becoming a known supplier in ten countries, with four regional offices - Romania, Germany, Saudi Arabia and a team of more than 150 professionals. The company is now an established provider of complete solutions in the local and regional renewable energy industry and offers integrated services for the power transmission and distribution, cyber security and automation segments.

One of ENEVO Group's main directions is to develop and deploy innovative services to add value to companies in the utilities segment - locally and internationally, and to create and generate revolutionary solutions for all energy ecosystems and in cyber security.




ENEVO Group has 5 business lines that complement each other synergistically in order to offer 360 services to our partners as well as to be able to generate solutions tailored to the specifics of each business, thus providing the competitive advantage they need to face challenges.

ENEVO Group is fully aligned with global sustainability targets, working towards increasingly responsible and efficient energy consumption and carbon neutrality. The company supports the transition of industries towards digitalisation and automation, actively contributing through its services to the evolution and internal development of legal entities towards a high level of efficiency and energy independence.

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