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Best Tools has been operating on the Romanian market since 2006 as an importer and distributor of professional equipment and machinery, with a long experience in the field of sales, after-sales service and rental of power generators.

The company started with two divisions: cleaning equipment and construction equipment. Over time, the company has grown by setting up three more departments: one involved in energy - with a focus on generator sets and storage systems, another dealing with the import and distribution of sanitation equipment, and a department offering complete waste management solutions.

Best Tools Company is the sole importer and distributor in Romania of several world market leaders in the fields of waste management, power generators, energy storage, street cleaning and construction equipment. For all the industries in which it is involved, Best Tools offers a complete after-sales service, with specialists ready to intervene in the shortest possible time anywhere in Romania and neighbouring countries.

In recent years, Best Tools Company has invested in the development of its "Energy" division, partnering with major manufacturers of electrical energy storage systems such as iNOVAT Energy Storage Solutions.


FUTURE PLANS Best Tools Company


iNOVAT was founded in Turkey in response to the rapid growth of the energy storage industry, with the aim of designing and delivering innovative solutions in the field.

The company's main objectives are to use industry best practices in design, engineering, manufacturing, procurement, research and development.
Energy supply and quality problems continue to undermine many industries, despite high-quality production capacities. These capabilities need to be turned into a competitive advantage by reducing downtime and the time it takes to become operational again.

The advantages of energy storage systems and the functions they offer are capable of creating benefits for industries in general, from renewable energy generation facilities to transmission/distribution networks and high volume/high voltage consumption points.

In the short term, Best Tools Company aims to consolidate its status as an integrator of energy projects: from back-up solutions to alternative power generation and storage systems, for all industries that can benefit from such solutions.