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Alive Capital is a Romanian company founded in 2013 by professionals with decades of experience in the energy field. The initial aim was to provide integrated management services to renewable energy producers in Romania.

Alive Capital has at its core a team of specialised multidisciplinary professionals. We focus our expertise in engineering, energy, finance and management to provide our clients with competitive pricing, stability and long-term predictability. Our vision and hard work in the service of our partners has resulted in rapid expansion: the current portfolio includes both local and foreign clients, private investors, multinationals, banks and institutions, as well as a wide range of technologies: wind, solar, hydro, biomass, biogas.

Since 2016, the company is authorized by the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) to operate as an energy supplier and trader, and is currently registered and operating on the most important centralized energy markets managed by the national operator OPCOM: PZU, PC-OTC, PCCB-LE-flex, PCCB-NC.

Today, Alive Capital has become a reference point on the Romanian market in terms of standards and efficiency of integrated management offered to renewable energy producers.

The main services offered by Alive Capital team are:

-Asset Management - Asset Management services are aimed at investors and credit institutions that have renewable energy generation plants in their portfolio. Alive Capital's renewable energy division manages power plants in an integrated manner, from performance monitoring to managing the administrative and fiscal aspects of energy production. Through our Asset Management service package, we are able to help the investor optimise the technical, commercial and administrative operation of the power plant, in full compliance with legislative regulations, thus ensuring increased profitability and value over time.

-Energy trading - The Energy Trading Service is aimed at all owners of renewable energy power plants, regardless of the type of technology used or the installed capacity. Currently, Alive Capital manages and trades the energy produced by a portfolio of more than 376 MW installed in renewable energy power plants. In order to optimise balancing and forecasting costs, the company's client portfolio is diversified, comprising the main types of power plants: photovoltaic, wind, hydro, biomass, biogas. We can also become your partner by offering advantageous conditions for direct purchase of electricity.

-Production forecast - The electricity production forecasting services are aimed at all operators of renewable energy power plants, whether they are dispatchable or not. Alive Capital provides its clients with a highly accurate forecasting service, based on the analysis of meteorological data (weather forecast and online monitoring of solar radiation/wind speed, ambient temperature, etc.) from several sources, local specificities (monitoring of the site's micro-climate) and the forecast and production history of each power plant. All these data are aggregated and processed in a specialised software.

-Operation and maintenance - The Operation and Maintenance Service is addressed to owners of renewable energy power plants who are interested in the technically optimal operation of the plants. Providing a team with a rich technical expertise in the energy field, Alive Capital ensures preventive and corrective maintenance works according to the technical specifications of the equipment manufacturers (panels, inverters, transformers, etc.), as well as auxiliary maintenance services (security, monitoring, mowing, civil works, etc.) and remote monitoring of power plant performance. Thanks to a preventive approach and the promptness with which we intervene, Alive Capital's Operation and Maintenance service helps to avoid situations of low efficiency operation or even plant downtime, which can result in the loss of substantial revenues.

-Project management - Project Management services are addressed to investors interested in developing renewable energy projects in Romania. We offer assistance in all stages of project development, both on the civil and technical side, delivering projects in ready-to-build or turn-key stage.

-Renewable electricity production - At the beginning of 2021, Alive Capital becomes an RES-E producer by acquiring the Frumuseni photovoltaic power plant (CEF) with an installed capacity of 0.5 MW. Alive Group companies completed in 2020 and 2021 the acquisition of PV parks: CEF Sălcuța 1 (2.5MW), CEF Varo Future Development (2.2MW), CEF Agristeu (1MW), CEF Ciocanesti (2.7MW), and at the beginning of 2022, the acquisition of the Stejaru wind farm (34.5MW) was completed. At the end of 2022, the acquisition of CEF Obedeni wind farm (1.732MW) was completed followed by the acquisition of CEE Nalbant (13.75MW) at the beginning of January 2023 and the acquisition of CEE Vânători (10.00MW) at the end of February 2023.

-Energy supply - Alive Capital is an energy supplier, licensed in this field since 2016 by the National Authority for Energy Regulation, through License no. 1871/13.01.2016. If during 2016, the company's activity was mainly focused on trading operations, since 2017 our efforts have also been directed towards the service of supplying electricity to end consumers. All electricity consumers interested in this service will benefit from the attention of a team of specialists, able to offer competitive prices and very advantageous contractual conditions. The arguments of our competitiveness as an electricity supplier are the efficient management of the energy produced by our integrated portfolio of power plants, as well as the active participation in all centralized electricity markets present in Romania, and Alive Capital can certify through guarantees of origin issued by ANRE that the entire amount of electricity supplied comes from renewable sources. Guarantees of origin help the beneficiary company to reduce its carbon footprint, and to comply with ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance) attributes.

- Dispatching Power Plants - In order to provide a complete package of services for investors in renewable energy power plants, starting in 2020, Alive Capital offers monitoring and control services for power plants and ensures their operational management through compliance with operating regimes. The competitiveness of Alive Capital's Local Dispatcher Center consists in providing all the services necessary for the optimal operation of a power plant, through the active participation of dispatchers alongside a team of specialists working on the centralized electricity markets in Romania.