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Known as "Casa Poporului", the location is situated in the historical and geographical centre of Bucharest and is one of the points of attraction for both foreign tourists and Romanian residents.

The Palace of Parliament houses several impressive halls where different types of events have been successfully organised over the years. The Solar Energy Bucharest Summit will take place in the Reception Hall.



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The Palace of Parliament building is located in the central part of Bucharest (sector 5), on the place that today is called Dealul Arsenalului, framed by Izvor Street to the west and north-west, Națiunile Unite Boulevard to the north, Libertății Boulevard to the east and Calea 13 Septembrie to the south. It is 10 minutes from Unirii Square and 20 minutes from the North Station (by bus 123).

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Romanian Green PPA

The first regional business conference dedicated to renewable energy that facilitates meetings between developers, investors, producers, suppliers, energy traders and end consumers.

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